Pom Poms, polymer clay & op shops


This past week has been a creative whirl-wind! So hold on Dorothy, you are about to be taken up into another land of pom poms, polymer creations and op shop finds.

A few days ago marked my daughters last day of school- which may sound like an annual event for a school kid- but for me, my first child finishing her first year of school with the best teacher I’ve seen, it ‘twas a sad day. But on the up note, I hosted a collaborative workshop at our house with ALL of Genevieve’s classmates and her teacher and artist friend, Rachel Burke (aka I make. you wear it. craft extraordinaire) The kids came up with some amazballs pom poms along with some heart felt apologies, all part of the apomogy art project, stay tuned for the video- it’s going to be rad and incredibly cute!

So along with the pom pom apologies, came thank yous to teachers, teacher aids and co-ordinators. Both my daughters kindy and school teaching people have be soooo incredibly caring and amazing- I honestly don’t know how they can do it everyday! So I thought some special thank yous were in order. And you all know when you say special, what you really mean is “polymer clay beads!!!” My first creation was my daughter’s teacher- I wanted to create a keepsake from the whole class that wasn’t as tacky as a tree made of fingerprints (sorry pintrest, you failed me on this one) So I asked each student to decorate a paper cut out to look like their teacher and I made a bead for each student, with his or her initials stamped on each bead. The necklace looked incredible and she had something beautiful to remember her beautiful class with.




My youngest in Kindergarten has some seriously cool teachers. So I made a necklace for them all, with Imogen’s name stamped into one bead. And what better colour for that bead than my daughters favorite colour, rainbow!

So after all this creative bead making, I realized my wardrobe was severely suffering! So it was off to some op shops! Found some beautiful kids clothes and fabric, along with fill a bag for $5- nothing can go wrong with those crazy prices!


Next week I have another workshop planned and a creative family portrait to reveal. So stay tuned for more! Have a lovely week, my lovely peeps!




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