Christmas is upon us


I can feel the festivity in the air….and on my face! Thanks Vintage Pie for the cute Rudolf portrait!

Last week marks the end of the school year for my daughter [my first borns first year of school finished *sniff*].


Thanks for being a great teacher, Mrs Lye!

So aside from making thank you gifts for all the teachers and helpers [see my last post], there were Christmas favors to be made for her friends. I decided to create crafty kits and steer clear of candy canes and chocolates- despite how tasty to the tummy they are! Check out my festive bugs below with DIY instructions and also how to making the kit with all materials from around the house. The first days of school holidays are now sorted!

DSC_0414 copy

DIY festive bugs gifted in a cute milk bottle!



So many festive bugs, it’s catchy!


List of materials for Festive Bug- See DIY link below for instructions

FestiveBug DIY instructions

I have also had my busy bee wings on this week with opening up my etsy shop, click the link here. It’s a combination of beautiful pastel necklaces handmade from polymer clay and some of the artwork I have made this year from my art exhibition in Fortitude Valley at Jugglers art space. The art show centered on Personal Space, which I explored the way consumerism had lead us to take away the personal space of our natural world, click here for Artist Statement. So my work is based on cacti and succulents, recyclable material and cute as animal sculptures. I will be posting some picture of my artwork here soon, so stay tuned!



A few samples of some pieces I have on sale on my easy shop. Click here to view more!


My Busy bee wings also held a workshop for my lovely friend Rachel and her sweet family. Christmas decorations made from air dry clay was where we started, but as the creative brain took over, garlands and earrings appeared before our eyes! Such a lovely time spent with you gals *gaw!*

And earlier in the week, I was in charge of face painting at our church community carols. So many cuties coming to get their faces embellished with Elsa, rainbows and snakes….not to mention Christmas holly and reindeers. My arm was twisted and “forced” to become Rudolf. I forgot how much fun it can be to dress up!



Many Christmas wishes to you all, my loving friends and fam! I will keep you posted for some of the Christmas presents I have made for my family and loved ones- I don’t want to spoil the surprise [shhhhh…..]

hugs to you all



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