Let the holidays begin!


Well the Christmas holidays are upon us and I have two very excited kids here and a list as long as my arm of things to do during the six weeks I like to call “summer-lets do stuff-holiday”.

To set the tone for the holiday, we made a pledge to avoid all shopping centres, unless of course one of my daughters decide to change their skeptical feelings about this Santa chap……not likely though! So our quest begins with bus trips, crafty goodies and friends.

The Museum of Brisbane was on the agenda first, which meant a bus trip!


Lots of crafty-goodness was made inspired by Stephen’s Nothling artwork at the Museum of Brisbane. They are fantastically resourced and have different events on each week. Click here for the link. We will be poking our heads in for the stain glass windows one- who can say no to cellophane!


With only a few days of school holidays under our belt, it was time for a catch up with some of Genevieve’s school friends. And our fingers were feeling the need to create, so armed with wool and calico we created a seasonal garland. Lots of fine motor skills being used here as these four little cherubs created beautiful bunting with all flags accounted for and spelt in the right order. Claps to you guys!!

Enjoy all those special loved ones in your lives at this special time of year. Even the furry ones that like to death stare you like my poppy-poo.





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