Watercolour with these lovelies!


I had the absolute delight of spending some quality time with so many of my most favourite people. With tropical pineapples and juicy watermelons on hand, we were set for an afternoon of inspirational art making.


Throughout the afternoon, I was able to do two things I enjoy so much- see my dear friends and create artwork! Hurrah! And as I was immersed in this love, I had a moment of mindful clarity – cleverly captured in photo above by Butler & Clarke.

I was relaxed and in my element.

My heart felt drenched in all the supportive, positive, caring and creative energies from those surrounding me.

So I would like to write a little message to those special people who came to be part of this creative journey of healing I am on. Mmmwhah!

In alphabetical order….

Bianca: Those text messages of encouragement have been fuel to my creative confidence. Bless your socks!

Frankie: It’s been lovely to share creative things with another creative mummy. It’s always nice to have convo’s with you about your heart made decisions.StudioAnnaYum_Selects_Proofs-125


Kate: My new walking buddy and mummy friend who shares my obsession for all things Pinterest. Your bright and bubbly presence puts a smile on my dial!


Lynn: I have never felt the contagiousness and warmth of a laugh before I met you, my postnatal roomie! Such a caring and loving friend xx


Nat: Your passion and support is felt all the time- you are such a giving and community spirited person!


Paulina: I have always wondered why I feel so relaxed around you and have just pieced it together: it’s our nordic heritage! Your beautiful gentle nature is so calming to be around- so much hygge!

Rachel: For the constant ongoing support, I am incredibly grateful for. You keep an eye on me and we always have so much fun crafting together. You are a treasure!

Vicki: Thank you for your warm heart, the town planning facts and all those alternative perspectives. Namaste x


Poppy enjoying the cuddles that she NEVER gets from us 😉

I will love you and leave you with a slideshow of the lovely photos taken from two lovely blokes, Josh and Ryan from Butler & Clarke.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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