Free DIY school labels

IMG_20160124_170647Only three sleeps until school’s back and I have a less-than-excited 6 year old who is all too well aware that school comes second to holidays. I can’t seem to talk her out of this one. So I’m hoping what I share with you today will also add a spring to her step…. or at least a small smirk on her face!


I know the sensible thing to do when facing the back to school madness would be to cook up a freezer load of lunchbox creations, but in the 30+ degree day we’ve had today, I jumped ship and created school labels instead. And I’d like to share them with y’all!


I really enjoy illustrating, as most of you know from the Everyday Superhero book I wrote and illustrated for the girls birthday party last year. So creating these label’s was a heap of fun. On some of the labels I have included some encouraging words. Nice little reminders to our little people that they are precious to us!


So have fun with your little ones as you colour in these labels. You may even want to use it for your own books! Click page below to print your copy. Have fun!

Anna xx




  1. Erin Willson · January 24, 2016

    So cool Anna!!! Where can I see your Everyday Superhero book?! Sounds awesome!


    • Studio Anna Yum · January 24, 2016

      Hi Erin! I am looking at different publishing companies at the moment. I just printed a black and white one from the home printer. If you send me your postage address, I can send you one if you’d like 🙂
      The girls had a superhero party and I wanted the underlying theme to be that everyone does superhero things- kindness, bravery, etc- everyday! I have been meaning to post images on my blog. I will do that soon, as it’s super fun!


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