Illustration, healthy motivators and Anzac slice


Wow, so many fun and exciting things have been happening lately. I’m well on my way with my children’s book, have quite a prosperous future in creative directing and art workshops [still on the hush hush, though, so just keep it between me and you ;)], have had so many birthday celebrations, including my Papa Bear and myself AND my daughters have decided to share a bedroom.

So lets get started with some pics of the last couple of weeks- I can’t believe it’s been that long! Busy bees!

I have been experimenting with cooking lately, and with Anzac day coming up, I thought I’d have a play with an Anzac slice. Enjoy the slide show of the instructions below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now one weakness I have is food [see slide show above ;)] and when I speak with most mum’s, it appears to be a common sore point. Especially in the afternoon [when your blood sugar level drops] and at night when sit in front of the tv. So I’ve put together a four week motivational chart to inspire you to continue on your healthy journey. funMots

I mentioned earlier that we have had many birthday celebrations, one of which being my Dad. I found this card in one of my Frankie magazines and thought how fitting it was for my Dad, Damn fine chap!


It was lovely hanging out for a BBQ picnic with all the fam and I can highly recommend Comslie beach reserve as a great place for a meet up and chin wag for all ages! The map link is: and I’ve added two pics below.


Anyhoo, it’s hooroo from Meeko and me! Have a lovely week and for you lucky Aussies, enjoy the time off tomorrow in honour of our Anzacs.



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