Six stupendous ways to spend your days……


On Monday it was a clean out time. Seeing that we seem to invite flies to spend their last hours in our fridge, it was due time to clean their graves and organise the fridge. With all the left over food, I thought “cook off” for the kids. See the ‘delicious’ treats they made for me to eat! The chickens love it too!



There is nothing more fun than buying something online, waiting for it in the mail, forgetting about it, then have it arrive. Just like a birthday present- Surprise! So when these bad boys turned up, I was stoked. Plus they are the coolest shoes I’ve owned.

Very asian-cool!


My eldest daughter loves green tea [a girl after my own heart], so it’s nice to make a pot and sit down and enjoy it together. I hope we are still doing this when I’m old and frail!


Camping is what sets our two kids into a state of excitement. You know they are excited when they are sitting in the car at 6am, dressed with their drink bottles- seat belts on and all.  We left the house at 11, so it was a looooong morning for them…..and us!

That aside, we have found the coolest little farm stay in Murrwillumbah with an array of animals, but most importantly……. has bunnies. And because bunnies like to breed, there is always baby bunnies. Dawwwww…… so cute!

The mumma guinea pig below looks like she could be giving up breast feeding her babies soon. Not the most comfiest position!


Say hello to the cutest and cheekiest baby goat. I nicknamed him Houdini as he could not be contained at all. Such a cutie pie!


Op shopping is a hobby of mine. My daughters have grown to love it as most of their toys, clothes and books are second hand. So when I came across this Cabbage Patch colouring in book, I was taken back to my childhood and felt like a kid at Christmas! And better yet, it was untouched and get this…..10cents! Whoop Whoop!


To cap off my top six stupendous ways to spend your time, I want to share this pic of some cool mummas I have got to know since having kids and embarking on the whole parent-of-a-school-aged-kid adventures. Thanks to you all for making the school-mum journey so enjoyable. It’s lovely to have nights like this where we can let loose and try to ignore the many hints from the waiting staff that it’s ‘time to go’. We are such rebels, lol!


Feel free to share some of your stupendous adventures. I’d love to hear from you.





  1. thesmilingpilgrim · June 11, 2016

    Haha I so want to play with a bunny now!


    • Studio Anna Yum · June 12, 2016

      They were so cute and would fall asleep in your lap. Snuggly bunnies!!


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