New Website!

I have a new website filled with details on all my up coming workshops, DIY crafts and much more including my new online store! So please click here to be redirected or click here to go directly to my shop! Looking forward to seeing you on the other side.


Photo from my debut book launch at The Print Bar and lovingly photographed by my friend, Cat xx


Photo by Jess Lim from The Lat Long.


Book launch, art show, screen printing, etc


Wow! What a busy time it has been in our household the last few weeks! Not only is it getting back to school but it’s been go-go gadget head, helicopter, arms and just about everything to get this book launch happening!

My book launch / art show / live t-shirt screen printing / yummy food vans / live music / craft workshop is going to be a lot of fun. I’m thinking it will look like a mini-festival, except no dagwood dogs *thank goodness sigh*.

All the details for the launch can be found below, including the cost of books, shirts, packages. I have also added the menu from Bao Down Now. I have been informed he will have beers and wine too! I am still working on the warm coffees/teas and something sweet for all the nana’s [myself included!] so I will keep you posted!



Bao Down Now menu- so tasty!!

I have been on an amazing journey with some of the coolest people. I’d like to take this time to thank my fam, my biggest fans!

Alex who has believed in me way before I did! My confidence is like a bacteria that has grown from yours…..sounds a bit yucky I know….I’ve been hanging around you and your nurse friends too long!


Genevieve, the other half of my creative heart, a great sounding board, inspiration and my own creative crash test dummy!

Immy for all the crazy jokes, thoughts and cuddles. Every day you give me non-stop inspiration to my work.

DSC_0011 copy

Jenny and Darryl, my parents whose powers combined have given me so much love, meals and logical answers.


Without the support from them and all my other friends who have been a listening ear, I would not be doing what I am doing right now. So a big high-five and hug to you all, my Everyday Superheros xxx


Six stupendous ways to spend your days……


On Monday it was a clean out time. Seeing that we seem to invite flies to spend their last hours in our fridge, it was due time to clean their graves and organise the fridge. With all the left over food, I thought “cook off” for the kids. See the ‘delicious’ treats they made for me to eat! The chickens love it too!



There is nothing more fun than buying something online, waiting for it in the mail, forgetting about it, then have it arrive. Just like a birthday present- Surprise! So when these bad boys turned up, I was stoked. Plus they are the coolest shoes I’ve owned.

Very asian-cool!


My eldest daughter loves green tea [a girl after my own heart], so it’s nice to make a pot and sit down and enjoy it together. I hope we are still doing this when I’m old and frail!


Camping is what sets our two kids into a state of excitement. You know they are excited when they are sitting in the car at 6am, dressed with their drink bottles- seat belts on and all.  We left the house at 11, so it was a looooong morning for them…..and us!

That aside, we have found the coolest little farm stay in Murrwillumbah with an array of animals, but most importantly……. has bunnies. And because bunnies like to breed, there is always baby bunnies. Dawwwww…… so cute!

The mumma guinea pig below looks like she could be giving up breast feeding her babies soon. Not the most comfiest position!


Say hello to the cutest and cheekiest baby goat. I nicknamed him Houdini as he could not be contained at all. Such a cutie pie!


Op shopping is a hobby of mine. My daughters have grown to love it as most of their toys, clothes and books are second hand. So when I came across this Cabbage Patch colouring in book, I was taken back to my childhood and felt like a kid at Christmas! And better yet, it was untouched and get this…..10cents! Whoop Whoop!


To cap off my top six stupendous ways to spend your time, I want to share this pic of some cool mummas I have got to know since having kids and embarking on the whole parent-of-a-school-aged-kid adventures. Thanks to you all for making the school-mum journey so enjoyable. It’s lovely to have nights like this where we can let loose and try to ignore the many hints from the waiting staff that it’s ‘time to go’. We are such rebels, lol!


Feel free to share some of your stupendous adventures. I’d love to hear from you.



Illustration, healthy motivators and Anzac slice


Wow, so many fun and exciting things have been happening lately. I’m well on my way with my children’s book, have quite a prosperous future in creative directing and art workshops [still on the hush hush, though, so just keep it between me and you ;)], have had so many birthday celebrations, including my Papa Bear and myself AND my daughters have decided to share a bedroom.

So lets get started with some pics of the last couple of weeks- I can’t believe it’s been that long! Busy bees!

I have been experimenting with cooking lately, and with Anzac day coming up, I thought I’d have a play with an Anzac slice. Enjoy the slide show of the instructions below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now one weakness I have is food [see slide show above ;)] and when I speak with most mum’s, it appears to be a common sore point. Especially in the afternoon [when your blood sugar level drops] and at night when sit in front of the tv. So I’ve put together a four week motivational chart to inspire you to continue on your healthy journey. funMots

I mentioned earlier that we have had many birthday celebrations, one of which being my Dad. I found this card in one of my Frankie magazines and thought how fitting it was for my Dad, Damn fine chap!


It was lovely hanging out for a BBQ picnic with all the fam and I can highly recommend Comslie beach reserve as a great place for a meet up and chin wag for all ages! The map link is: and I’ve added two pics below.


Anyhoo, it’s hooroo from Meeko and me! Have a lovely week and for you lucky Aussies, enjoy the time off tomorrow in honour of our Anzacs.


Easter, chocolate & Memes!


A few cute little illustrations and pics to wish you all a happy easter. I am enjoying the time off with my little fam, excited about new job prospects for both my husband and myself and I’m glad to be in a good way, mental health wise.

So enjoy these funny little memes. Hope it brings a smile to your dial!




Enjoy the craziness after the chocolate high has hit!

anna xx

Fun Pattern Friday


With sickness looming over our little family at the moment, I took some time out to do some deep breathing, chill and a little pattern drawing. As a mother of two adorable girls and married to an amazingly supportive husband, I have so much to be thankful for. And even when they wake up four, five…..twenty times in one night, I am still grateful for being their mum.

During my chill out time today I wanted to draw some patterns. And I won’t lie to you, I was thinking about bacteria and germs today and it has influenced me. So happy healthy Friday to you!

May your snot not run and your sneezes be only caused from pepper!


ps. Click below for a print out of some of my patterns. You can cut them out in shapes and make your own cards, labels…..the list is endless. And they are germ free, I promise!



My top 12 party ideas

top 12 party tips

I am so excited to bring you my top 12 party tips. I tried to bring it down to my top 10- but there is too much fun stuff to share with you!  So pull up your creative socks and enjoy the next few tips for your next soiree!

  1. Make it personal

Rocking up to a celebration really needs to be all about that person.Interpretation: make it personal. One way I make it personal is to add a crafty hand-made edge- even if you are not the crafty type, adding more of you and less of commercial adds ten fold quality


My daughter making her own decorations for her 6th birthday party


I wrote and illustrated my own book for my daughters birthday party. This was just the beginning to the book- I am on the road to getingt it published! So exciting!



2.  Fun photos

You plan everything else at your party- why not plan some seriously funny pic! Check out behance for some more ideas

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 1.26.35 pm

3. Creative dress up

This is not just for kids. Dressing up is an excuse to be silly and wear things you don’t usually. There are a few simple dress up ideas you can easily make using spare fabric and with little [or no] sewing. Check out my DIY cape below



For adults make the length longer and the head radius bigger

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 1.49.52 pmCardboard lion


4.  Mixing patterns is A-OK!

In fact, the more patterns you have the better! Embrace the clash!

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 1.28.29 pm


5.  Work with whats around you

Entwining your decorations with the party environment complements your party and shows off all the effort you’ve gone to. There will be a nice flow between the environment and your event. Check out this wedding.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 1.33.32 pm


6.  Play dough is good at any age

In fact, some of the funniest things can be made late at night with a bunch of mates. Add a bit of glitter and you have yourself an awesome hens night!

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 1.34.36 pm


7.  Invites can be creative with breaking the budget

You don’t need to have an arts degree or do scrapbooking every week to create a cool invite. Check out this cute kids invite by simply tearing strips off a variety of photos and rearranging them. Funny and slightly freaky!

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 1.35.56 pm

8.  Healthy options

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the only option for food or drink is either alcohol, soft drink and junk food. Having a healthy option like this cucumber/strawberry/mint  water will go down well for so many people, not to mention limiting the crazy-hyper behaviour of the little people present. Star sticker for you, my friend!

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 1.21.32 pm


9.  Reuse and recycle

I love creating something from nothing- and even better, something from someones rubbish! I have planned quite a few kids party over the years where I have used predominantly recycled material. Some examples are

-disregarded sheets converted to tents [click for the DIY instructions]

– Cardboard box party- all things were made of cardboard including a castle, aeroplane, shop and wearable cars [see pics below]

-reuse glass jars for drinking and apply clear contact onto cardboard to use as platters. No washing up required!

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 1.48.45 pm


10.  Cakes are to be eaten- not sculpted!

Emma Bradshaw has some lovely ideas on her blog and I really enjoyed this idea for a cake. After all, it is just food for our bellies!

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 1.16.12 pm

11. Try something wild!

DIY Elderflower champagne. GET OUT! And all these materials are not too much of a stretch from what you have at home already. I’m doing it! And there’s even elderflower cordial for out littlies! Splenderific!





12.  Keep it simple and cute

To finish off my post, it is important to keep things simple. And cute. Check out these little bear ice-cream scoops- so simple and you could get your kids to make their own!

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 1.45.03 pm

Feel free to share any of your tips in the comment section below- I’d love to hear from you! And in the meantime, have a go at one of my Top 12 party tips for your next birthday, hanukkah, shindig or hen’s night. Your friends and family will thank you for it!

Anna xxx

Just make it!



Fairies, fitness, and fun with emojis. That pretty much sums up the last week at our place. Starting with a Tinkerbell party, where it somehow snowballed from lets look for a costume to me designing multilayered garments to represent Silvermist and Periwinkle. Needless to say, I kept it simple with jersey fabric, glitter chiffon features and pom poms sandles. My girls were so ready for the ball…


My creative energy has been flowing freely lately with a lot of illustrating and I am excited to say I am having an art show at Indooroopilly BBC Library for the month of September. I will be having an opening night and launching a few exciting ‘things’ , so stay tuned to this space. It’s going to be rad!



For a lot of you who know me well, I have been battling with Hashimoto’s disease for the last year and I am finally starting to feel in control of it. Avoiding gluten and soy and stocking up on salmon and brazil nuts helped a fair few of my symptoms to subside. But it really wasn’t until the last two months where I have focused heavily on daily intensive exercise, in particular HIIT workouts, have I began to feel alive again. It’s so nice to feel like me again.


My exercise puts Poppy to sleep!

 DIY Birthday kit

I want to share with you my latest DIY birthday kit that are easy to make, promotes creative play and cost little over $10! Check out the example below for dets’ on how you can surprise the little ones in your life. They will love you forever for it, I pinky-swear promise!


Create your own version of this to suite your child. I recently went to a Tinkerbell party, so I made it a fairy kit which included butterfly net, decor container, matchstick and toy mushrooms, small beads, magnifying glass, journal and textas in a “fairy bag”.


To finish of todays post, I leave you with some randoms. [clockwise from top right]

My girls insisting on heat packs to cuddle to sleep [hello- 30 degree nights!]. Really easy to make and only rice inside- too easy!

Sight word tree- this has proven great for my little visual learner- she loves writing the word, cutting out leaf/flower and arranging it on her tree. The tree is made from cardboard box and I have just pinned it onto a canvas.

Op shop find- we grabbed a basket full of plastic food today for $1! Many other bargains to be had including Thomas books for 20c!


Goodbye from me and my little Emoji




Valentines Day love…..


I have so many love-lies in my life who deserve a cute little something this Valentines day. So without buying into commercialism where our shops are flooded with stuffed teddies and lingerie [that surely needs to come with instructions!?], I armed myself with pen, paper and laptop and created two cards that I want to share with you all!


So click the link to download and print off this card this Valentines and write something to someone special in your life that needs to feel the love right now. Words from the heart are treasured long after the chocolate is eaten and the flowers have wilted.


I have also made some oh-so-cute wall hangings [see below] that are for sale at my etsy stall- click here to view. For those of you who live close, I can even deliver to your door. Wow! Can you feel the love?



Happy Valentines xx


Anna 🙂